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Nothing to Everything

“God comes to you disguised as your life”― Paula D’Arcy

“Nowhere to go, nothing to do … Lost and found in the moment … Just practice this … Maybe here is where we find wholeheartedness and our true freedom.”― Joan Halifax, Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet

May you pause long enough to clarity, resting in nothing to see everything.
Nowhere to go, nowhere to return, anchored in this moment.
Lost and found at the same time.
What is right in front of you that is invisible to the hurriedness and checklists?
Beauty, joy, light – hidden in plain sight, slowness, awareness.
Witness the symphony of creation singing.

“Why is all of creation singing?”― Paula D’Arcy, Gift of the Red Bird: The Story of a Divine Encounter


“Patience. Kindness. Generosity. Humility. Courtesy. Unselfishness. Good temper. Guilelessness. Sincerity. All these things make up the Supreme Gift, and are there in the soul of whoever wishes to be in the world and close to God.”― Henry Drummond, The Supreme Gift

In nature
In others
In your own heart
May you encounter God in ordinary moments, where God resides, waits and moves
Patient, kind, generous, the Supreme Gift to be opened again and again
A whisper, a smile from a stranger, a sleepless night
Conduits, bridges, connections, patterns, unknowing, mystery, beauty.

“God is never a set of concepts to be understood but a relationship to encounter.”― Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within

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