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“The rigid cause themselves to be broken; the pliable cause themselves to be bound.” – Xun Zi

To remain as clay, to be shaped and moved
Unfinished but evolving
Soft and pliable
Not the same as yesterday
Not what will be tomorrow
Ever present to what is now
Unfolding and grounded
Unwilling to turn to stone
Open to possibilities, to new beginnings
To be clay

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  1. Yes!

    December 2, 2014
  2. bree1972 #

    I love your blog, Kathie! Did you write the passage about clay in this blog post? If so, could I use it in my own blog, “Bree’s Connecting the Dots”. Or, if not, could you give me the author’s name? Thank you!

    December 2, 2014
    • Yes I wrote it and you can use it – Kathie Pugaczewski, Cast Light. Thanks so much.

      December 2, 2014
      • bree1972 #

        Thank YOU! I’ve been one of those “silent” fans practically since day one of your blog and have mentioned it several times in my own writing.
        You seem to have a talent for touching my heart in a special way at just the right moment. I love your writing!

        December 3, 2014
      • Thank you so much for your kind comnents! Very much appreciated.

        December 3, 2014

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