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Not Enough

“I’m not interested in blind optimism, but I’m very interested in optimism that is hard-won, that takes on darkness and then says, ‘This is not enough.’” – Colum McCann

We narrow, compartmentalize, bucket, silo, create constructs, order, simplify to feed our need for control. Pour the buckets out into a pile, sift, discard and reorder. Shift your thoughts, attention and lay down your rules. Let go of certainty to broaden and expand your perspective, to discover your depth and complexity.

For the past year, the world came to a grinding halt and took us with it. We ventured into territories that we’ve never been or expected to go. We did things we never did before. We naturally count what we lost rather than what we gained. It’s the human condition of more, comparison, linearity, worst-case scenario thinking, the past is the future. What the past year has shown us is how resilient and strong we are and our ability to overcome and grow.

Forced to contract externally invited us to expand internally. Accept the invitation and expand, explore and discover. Bust the old narrative, change your thoughts, break out a clean page and write what today and tomorrow will be. When the time is right for you, and don’t allow it to turn into years, let it go, heal, integrate and take it with you to create a deeper life filled with gratitude, joy, laughter and light.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”—Sir Winston Churchill

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