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Let the Sun Set on It

“Rejoice in small things and they will continue to grow”― Slaven Vujic

“Gratitude is a powerful, catalytic thing. It starves negative emotions of the oxygen they need to survive. It also generates a positive, self-sustaining system wherever and whenever it is applied. The broaden-and-build theory in psychology offers an explanation for why this is the case. Positive emotions open us to new perspectives and possibilities. Our openness encourages creative ideas and fosters social bonds. These things change us. They unlock new physical, intellectual, psychological, and social resources. They create “an upward spiral” that improves our odds of coping with the next challenge we face.”— Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most by Greg Mckeown

Yesterday sucked. I made sure it did by amplifying technology issues, interruptions, obligations and inconveniences. Pouring gas on the fire to make small things bigger than they need to be. On a long run with the orange sun signaling the end of the day, I decided to let what I did with the day go with the sun and not carry it any farther than it needs to go.

Lay it down, let it go and release the negative so you can change the downward spiral of complaining, self-pity and worry to an upward spiral that is a catalyst for possibilities, light and joy.

New day – make it new in thought and deed. Sunrise, sunset – make the in between matter.

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