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Signs of Life

“Beyond the edge of the world there’s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard.”― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Frozen leaves thaw, dry and curl.
The earth softens, inviting bud to bloom.
First signs of a slow spring unfolding, albeit slow.
Life seeking life.
Hues of purple and pops of orange emerge to greet the sun, signaling the surety of spring.
Through all of the winters of repose, rebirth follows showing itself in vibrant color amidst brown.
All seasons do their work in us if we allow.
New signs, unheard chords.

“Life seeks life and loves life. The opening of a catkin of a willow, in the flight of the butterfly, in the chirping of a tree-toad or the sweep of an eagle – my life loves to see how others live, exults in their joy, and so far is partner in their great concern.” – Edward Everett Hale

P.S. Six years ago this day, my Dad passed away. More winters than springs. And yet, springs are even more sweet. Tell people you love them today. Life is brief. God is good and a mystery writer. Forgive often. Love well. Life is in the ordinary awaiting your attention.

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