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Heart Map

“I begin to learn to allow things to happen as they are, rather than how I want them to be. I begin to learn, quite simply, the art of peace.”― Erin Loechner, Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path

“The ultimate act of bravery does not take place on a battlefield. It takes place in your heart, when you have the courage to honor your character, your intellect, your inclinations and yes, your soul by listening to its clean, clear voice of direction instead of following the muddied messages of a timid world.”― Anna Quindlen

Detours, delays, potholes, obstacles, noise, distractions, discouragement are guaranteed.
They are part of the journey but not the whole journey.
Swerve, adjust, recalibrate, weave, dance, delight.
Navigate with the compass of intuition.
The GPS of faith.
The signposts of trust.
The rests stops of resilience, optimism, hope, joy, awe, and gratitude.
Be present and awake for today’s leg of the journey.
Tune in and follow that still small voice.
You will get there by being here.

“Lord, help me to live this day quietly, peacefully.
To lean upon Thy great strength trustfully, restfully.
To wait for the unfolding of Thy will patiently, serenely.
To meet others peacefully, joyously.
To face tomorrow confidently, courageously.
Amen.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

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