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The Miles between the Milestones

This month we celebrate my Aunt Terry’s 80th birthday and my sister-in-law Tina’s 50th birthday.  In February, I will be marking 7 years at my company, 13 years of being cancer-free (melanoma –wear sunscreen), my sister Laura’s birthday, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Ash Wednesday. And for the sake of learning something new – February 6th is Waitangi Day, commemorating the signing of New Zealand’s founding documentin 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi. We mark our lives by the milestones, but we live it through the miles, a step at a time.

The days we remember, celebrate, commemorate, mourn, and honor are the accumulation of so many moments in between.  Many we wade through with anxiety of what’s coming or what didn’t happen, often times wishing them away to just get through. And other moments we try to hold on tight to so we can extend the anticipation, joy, and excitement. The interwoven moments of joy and sorrow make up the fabric of life.

And from the starkness of winter to the gift of spring, we can be in the moment and walk the path one step at a time or we can race from milestone to milestone, merely marking time.  Slow down and take in the moments with family and friends, that next milestone is just around the corner. The depth of our life is found in those quiet and seemingly uneventful moments – what we give to our days and what we receive from them.

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  1. you forgot my half birthday- February 7! This is not just a way to get another birthday- it has taken on more meaning through the years. My mother started celebrating my half birthday when i was in elementary school- since i had an August birthday i couldn’t bring treats to school so she started celebrating my half birthday- and made chocolate chip cookies for me to take to school. Through the years she never missed sending me a package of her homemade chocolate chip cookies and a half birthday card. You are right the little things really add up. As you know my mother passed away in 2000 and now because of the goofy half birthday celebration she started- i really think of her on February 7 and how she could make even the smallest things so special!

    January 29, 2012
  2. How could I miss your half birthday milestone! I remember the story and have shared it with others who have summer birthdays. Those simple traditions and celebrations that we start for ourselves and others last a lifetime and create real meaning. Happy Half Birthday to everyone!

    January 29, 2012

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