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Going Under

“Wisdom is learning what to overlook.” – William James

Before I left for vacation last week, people asked where I was going, what I was doing. Nowhere and nothing, at least, nothing scheduled. I’m going under. I spend way too much time going over – scheduled, doing, extended. I enjoy traveling for vacation but I really enjoy staying at home with unscheduled time that I fill as I go.

Going under is slowing down, doing what I want to instead of what I have to, single-tasking, meetings-free, no alarm in the morning except Lily, starting and finishing projects that I never quite get to and taking a few naps in between. In the past three days, I’ve organized the basement, filled four bags to give away to the Disabled American Veterans, painted the garage steps and door frame, ran 19 miles, took the dogs for a few extra walks to feed the neighborhood chickens, hung four pictures and spent undivided time with family and friends. A perfect going under trip.

Schedule some unscheduled time, each day not only on vacation. Be quiet long enough to hear what can’t be heard when we are in overdrive. Slow down to see your life as a spectator so you can fully reengage as a passionate participant, relearning what to overlook, and there’s plenty to overlook.

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  1. This is a good way to live life.

    August 31, 2013
  2. i absolutely love this and have tried to incorporate these open times with myself into everyday.

    August 31, 2013
    • Thanks and keep it up. Life is much more meaningful when we enjoy it instead of endure it.

      September 1, 2013
  3. mvobsession #

    Never heard of ‘going under’ but I like the concept and shall do some of that today.. 🙂

    September 1, 2013
  4. ly #

    I call my time like this taking a snow day. I loved snow days while teaching. It means that the buses can not run, so no one expects you to get out or do anything. I’ve had several snow days this summer–I just announce it to myself and slow down.

    September 2, 2013
    • Excellent – today’s a good day for a snow day – love it!

      September 2, 2013

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