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Five Times, Three Lessons

“One is, we should never ever give up. Two is, you’re never too old to chase your dreams. Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it’s a team.” – Diana Nyad

On her fifth try, 64-year-old Diana Nyad made history today as the first swimmer to swim without a shark cage from Cuba to Florida, 110 miles. What an awesome model on how to live and a reminder that we must keep trying and never let our circumstances defeat our spirit. A refreshing and deserving hero who stayed in the game, proving that our losses are only final if we give up. Victory is the last word for those who keep getting up when knocked down. Dreaming, no matter our age, combined with hard work wins the day.

So today is a celebration of resolve, resilience, persistence, drive, dreaming, focus, teamwork and living life like it’s the only one we have – because it is.

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  1. Anonymous #

    She is such an inspiration, thanks for posting this! Never give up…

    September 2, 2013
  2. I celebrate with her. I saw her story on the news today and it brought me to tears. I am so proud of her! Proud of the team too. Amazing tenacity on her part and faithfulness on the part of her crew!

    September 2, 2013
  3. Amen! Love the post! So thrilled for her and inspired by her! 🙂

    September 2, 2013
  4. Big Congratulations to Diana Nyad. 🙂

    September 3, 2013
  5. A fabulous post and a fabulous feat by Ms. Nyad. Such an example and inspiration. 🙂

    September 3, 2013
    • Thanks but it wrote itself – a true inspiration.

      September 3, 2013

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