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“We’re all born exactly who we are supposed to be, but we take these weird detours in order to fit in, or please others, or get our way, or just get by. We suffer wounds and build up scar tissue.”— Marrow: A Love Story by Elizabeth Lesser

If you know the full Easter story from Friday to Sunday, it means more this year if examined and applied to your own and our collective life. After a year of a pandemic, ongoing unrest, the anger of opinions and hatred of others different than “me,” we carry many crosses. With the mass distribution of vaccines, this Easter is different than the uncertainty of last Easter. We are in between Friday and Sunday, not where we were and not where we are going to be quite yet.

While I will get the vaccine for the rest, I am not putting my faith, hope and being into a vaccine to save the world. Jesus already saved the world. He saves us daily from our unbelief, fear and shallow living. It’s a matter of whether we choose to notice, do something about it and be changed.

While imperfect and often poorly executed, I put my faith and hope in God to save the world, not man. Today is the day in between crucifixion and resurrection. Linger here and allow it to touch your soul and transform your life. By the scars of Jesus, the empty tomb and the resurrection, our own scars can be softened to feel again, to be reborn and remade.

“SATURDAY SILENCE The shadows shift and fly. The whole long day the air trembles, thick with silence, until, finally, the footsteps are heard, and the noise of the voice of God is upon us. The Holy One is not afraid to walk on unholy ground. The Holy Work is done, and the world awaits the dawn of Life.” — Kneeling in Jerusalem by Ann Weems

Sunday light and transformation are coming, has already come and remains to this very day. Hope over despair. Choose light, accept the darkness lingers and still choose light to overcome it.

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