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Seeds of Today

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.” – Indian Proverb

“Gratitude, warm, sincere, intense, when it takes possession of the bosom, fills the soul to overflowing and scarce leaves room for any other sentiment or thought.” – John Quincy Adams

What you hold on to holds you in return.
Listen to what you are thinking and saying.
Do your words and actions create or crumble?
Foster or smother?
Encourage or criticize?
Forgive or bind?
Sing or squeal?
Open or opinion?
Compliment or complaint?
Love or apathy?
Desert or oasis?
Light or shadow?
Ego or soul?

Anchor in gratitude and awe, beauty and light. It is in reach and within. Awaken to movement and flow of your being, calling and purpose for being alive in this moment. Cast light.

“She decided after waking from what felt like years of sleep, that nature was responsible for loving her awake. She decided the earth breathed its grace up from the roots of her feet. The trees gathered together to give her grounded strength. She decided the wind carried loving whispers from the divine to her slumbering ears. She decided the sky showered her with wisdom and mirrored the boundless nature of every soul walking this earth.

When her eyes opened she saw before her a playground of light, each beam reaching toward her. She understood for the first time it seemed that the life resting in the spaces between her bones was meant to be lived with every fiber. Was meant to be fiercely loved and honored and savored.

She decided after waking from what felt like years of sleep, that she would live forevermore wide open to all that came to be in front of her. She decided that living awake was a choice, and in that moment she became free. And in that moment she chose to be the beam of light that reaches toward all other life, to be the beam that assists the earth in breathing and loving others awake.” – Sarah Blondin

“Life is full and overflowing with the new. But it is necessary to empty out the old to make room for the new to enter.” – Eileen Caddy

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