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Dare to Claim the Sky

“That is what happens when you put your soul in charge of your life. You dare to claim the sky. That sky is different for everyone. For one person, maybe the sky is having a baby, being a parent, growing a family. But for another it’s never having kids; it’s traveling the globe; it’s saving the world… You know your sky. And if you don’t, it’s because you haven’t listened closely enough.”
― Elizabeth Lesser, Marrow: A Love Story

“Whatever is happening, whatever is changing, whatever is going or not going according to my plans—I release my hold on all of it. I leave behind who I think I am, who I want to be, what I want the world to be. I come home to the great peace of the present moment.”― Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

Put light hunting and joy fishing on your “to do” list every single day;
Play, wander, listen, move from doing to being;
Go deeper, stay longer, linger;
Find cracks and crevices to let light in to break of the density of your thinking, your opinions, your resistance;
Move from mind to heart and back again to build a bridge, a connection, a thruway;
Write new endings and beginnings to your story a paragraph at a time with your daily thoughts, intentions, words and actions;
Yield to light and joy;
Dare to claim your sky.

“May you listen to the voice within the beat even when you are tired. When you feel yourself breaking down, may you break open instead. May every experience in life be a door that opens your heart, expands your understanding, and leads you to freedom. If you are weary, may you be aroused by passion and purpose. If you are blameful and bitter, may you be sweetened by hope and humor. If you are frightened, may you be emboldened by a big consciousness far wiser than your fear. If you are lonely, may you find love, may you find friendship. If you are lost, may you understand that we are all lost, and still we are guided—by Strange Angels and Sleeping Giants, by our better and kinder natures, by the vibrant voice within the beat. May you follow that voice, for This is the way—the hero’s journey, the life worth living, the reason we are here.”― Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

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