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“Nature, which makes nothing durable, always repeats itself so that nothing which it makes may be lost.” – Oscar Wilde

“Whose heart doth hold the Christmas glow Hath little need of Mistletoe; Who bears a smiling grace of mien Need waste no time on wreaths of green; Whose lips have words of comfort spread Needs not the holly-berries red – His very presence scatters wide The spirit of the Christmastide.”– John Kendrick Bangs

Not a day but a new beginning.
To carry forward.
To infuse into your very being.
Carry the generosity, awe, wonder, gratitude, joy, peace and light of Christmas forward.
To change.
To transform.
To be made new.
And to bring it into a hungry world.

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” – Edna Ferber

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