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The Heart of Wonder

“An interesting question to ask yourself at night is, What did I really see this day?”— John O’Donohue

“In our mediocrity and distraction, we forget that we are privileged to live in a wondrous universe.”— John O’Donohue

In the clouds
In a smile
In a gaze
In an embrace
In laughter
In music
In nature
In winter
In art
In words
In silence
In your heart and soul
Beneath the surface
Beyond the fray
Above the chaos
Within reach
Wonder, awe, privilege, blessing, joy, grace reside
A sacred gift, blessings in the seemingly ordinary
Open, receive, absorb, give away to propagate.

“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.”— John O’Donohue

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