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Faint and Bright

“I saw the lovely arch
Of Rainbow span the sky,
The gold sun burning
As the rain swept by.
In bright-ringed solitude
The showery foliage shone
One lovely moment,
And the Bow was gone.” – The Rainbow by Walter De La Mare

The Rainbow
by Effie Waller Smith

“Love is a rainbow that appears
When heaven’s sunshine lights earth’s tears;

All varied colors of the light
Within its beauteous arch unite;

There Passion’s glowing crimson hue
Burns near Truth’s rich and deathless blue;

And Jealousy’s green lights unfold
‘Mid Pleasure’s tints of flame and gold;

O dark life’s stormy sky would seem,
If love’s clear rainbow did not gleam!”

Sometimes bright.
Sometimes faint.
May you see both bright and faint.
Hues and blaze.
Rainbow colors that arch above head, beneath feet, all around.
In others, in self, in nature.
Right where you are today.

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