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Cloud Mountains

“I hope
you are able
to remember
what was Light-woven
and beautiful.
I hope
you are able to see
to remember what was,
and carry the goodness
that you will never forget
in the direction
of what is to come.”
― Morgan Harper Nichols

“May you always be the one
who notices the little things
that make the light pour
through, and may they always
remind you: There is more to
life and there is more to you.”
― Morgan Harper Nichols

Clouds shaped like mountains
Or perhaps a rollercoaster
Use your imagination
Jumpstart wonder and awe
The sky, flowers, sun, moon, stars, a butterfly, a bird, a summer breeze
Notice the little things and enter their immensity, beauty and grace
Let them enter you to broaden, deepen, soften, open
Heart and soul work
Tend the fields
Touch the sky.

this heart
of yours
that longs for
something more
is being prepared
for something
so much
greater than you.”
― Morgan Harper Nichols

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