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Good at Astonishment

“Once you have gathered enough silence,
silence gathers you.”― Ivan M. Granger

“It took a lot of nerve for someone so ignorant of true wilderness to fashion herself as a nature writer, but the flip side of ignorance is astonishment, and I am good at astonishment.”― Margaret Renkl, Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss

May you fashion yourself to try new things.
To jump in the deep end, flounder, discover your buoyancy.
To dare to travel unfamiliar roads.
To seek adventure in foreign lands of your dreams.
Get good at astonishment.
We need more beginners, tryers and explorers.
Daring to become themselves and share it with the world.

“Through you
the world learns
to recognize itself— as heaven.”― Ivan M. Granger

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