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Boundless Gift for Renewal

“World, world, forgive our ignorance and our foolish fears. Absolve us of our anger and our error. In your boundless gift for renewal, disregard our undeserving. For no reason but the hope that one day we will know the beauty of unloved things, accept our unuttered thanks.” – Margaret Renkl, The Comfort of Crows

“Enchantment is small wonder magnified through meaning, fascination caught in the web of fable and memory. It relies on small doses of awe, almost homeopathic: those quiet traces of fascination that are found only when we look for them. It is the sense that we are joined together in one continuous thread of existence with the elements constituting this earth, and that there is a potency trapped in this interconnection, a tingle on the border of our perception.”― Katherine May, Enchantment: Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age

Nature, flowers, dogs, children, music, art, prose.
Wellsprings that pull us from malaise and mechanics of daily duties into enchantment and wonder.
Don’t buy what the world is selling.
Be that crazy optimist, filled with hope, enthusiastic with anticipation, open to enchantment and awe.
Small doses everywhere,
Boundless gifts of renewal.
Seek. Keep seeking.

“But seeking is a kind of work. I don’t mean heading off on wild road trips just to see the stars that are shining above your own roof. I mean committing to a lifetime of engagement: to noticing the world around you, to actively looking for small distillations of beauty, to making time to contemplate and reflect. To learning the names of the plants and places that surround you, or training your mind in the rich pathways of the metaphorical. To finding a way to express your interconnectedness with the rest of humanity. To putting your feet on the ground, every now and then, and feeling the tingle of life that the earth offers in return. It’s all there, waiting for our attention. Take off your shoes, because you are always on holy ground.”― Katherine May, Enchantment: Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age

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