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There are days, weeks and in particular the past three months that push me to the wall and make me question my “worthiness” to be writing about “casting light”. I certainly haven’t been the model lately.

My computer crashed for the third time, I got a speeding ticket, and I’ve been working too much, making me impatient with others. And amidst the chaos, the thought that I would actually write a blog about something as lofty as “casting light” when I’ve been busy “casting shadows” seems absurd. I am not positive all of the time. But that’s the point and really why I started this – to keep myself accountable, to find resources and ideas to stay fresh and inspired and to share with others.

Passing feelings can stop us from trying new things, to be creative, to risk. But feeling unworthy in the moment doesn’t make me unworthy as a person.

So the lesson from my speeding ticket and other circumstances that come at me every day and I am sure will keep coming is to keep trying to cast light, especially when I don’t feel like it. To learn and reflect forward to the next time and make a different decision in how I react. To continually unfold into the person I am becoming, to be worthy for myself and others, accepting an occasional stumble now and then.

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  1. I simply love the name of your blog.

    January 3, 2012
  2. bree1972 #

    Since discovering your blog when you peeked at mine a few days ago, I have used your blog’s idea, “cast light, not shadows”, on two different occasions in conversation. Such a simple idea, yet how profound.

    May 29, 2012

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