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10 Ways to Cast Light

  1. Smile, it makes a difference. Try it and see how people respond.
  2. Listen, really listen. It’s a simple yet profound gift to others.
  3. Be curious, ask and be interested in the answer. You may learn something.
  4. Lead with love, every time.
  5. Assume the best in all. The best is in all of us. Sometimes it needs to be invited out to play.
  6. Spend time alone in quiet restoration so you have the capacity to give to others. It’s a loud world and you need to tune out the noise.
  7. Get outside yourself, explore. There’s joy in discovery.
  8. Show gratitude. There’s so much to be grateful for if we really look.
  9. Be kind, always.
  10. Have fun. Remember to laugh often and enjoy each day.
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  1. Hi Kathie:

    I stumbled upon your blog today and I’m glad I did. I love the concept of casting light, instead of shadows. Thanks for sharing all this positive inspiration!

    I recently wrote a post about consciously smiling, which you may find interesting. You can read it here:

    Keep up the great inspirational work to make the world a more positive and better place!


    January 30, 2012

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