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A Chip at a Time

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” – Michelangelo

It’s been particularly busy on many fronts the past few weeks and as I look at my calendar it’s not going to slow down any time soon. This is the same for so many of us.

We frivolously discard the gifts of each day waiting for the perfect time to start living, when it’s less busy or when this or that happens. The perfect time to start living is today. When we carve out our life each day no matter what’s going on, we discover joy and gratitude in the present.

On the eve of this holiday season as Thanksgiving approaches, amidst the hustle and hurry, anchor yourself in each moment, each day. Be the sculptor of your life, a chip at a time.

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  1. Thank you for all your insightful posts. I have found that when I live for just now that the pay off is that my past and future vanish thus removing suffering. And it does require vigilance and is well worth the focus.

    November 24, 2014
  2. Good point, where is my chisel…

    November 24, 2014

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