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Life’s Knocking. Answer the Door.

“I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.” – Marla Gibbs

Life can feel so random at times. We lose sight of the present in search of an illusive destination.  Each day we are unfolding into our purpose. Even the detours and delays serve their purpose. Be as grateful in the waiting as you are in the receiving.

Pay attention to today and invest your effort and passion to do your very best now. A miracle is on the sidewalk approaching your door when you least expect it. Get busy living fully and life will come alive.

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  1. Love this Kathie, especially the last two sentences. You should take some of your brilliant lines and package them as memes or post cards. Or take the best of your blog and publish a book. Soon!

    Looking forward to seeing you–and meeting Abby–soon!


    March 16, 2017
    • Thanks so much – that means a lot coming from one of my favorites and author

      March 16, 2017

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