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Start Today

“Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.” – Anthony Hitt

As the holidays wind down with the new year around the corner, the next thing on “the list” is the obligatory list of new year’s resolutions. If we are not really resolved and ready to commit, they fall by the wayside by the end of January. And we get disappointed in ourselves and fall back into the same old rut perplexed that we are getting the same results.

Rather than a laundry list of well-intended but uncommitted to items of what to fix, lose or remove, choose what you will add to your life. Actively and consciously choose how you will spend your time and what you will give yourself to.

Be present in the moment, spend quality time with family and friends, carve quiet into each day, commit to running or walking at least one mile every day, vow to not hibernate over winter, play more. Being active, eating better, resting more, having fun and being curious will bring daily contentment and lasting results. We never really start over, we start where we are at. And we’re farther than we think we are.

No need to wait for January 1 to live more fully. Start today.

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  1. “… choose what you will add to your life …” I like that! Thanks for the encouragement.

    December 29, 2017
  2. Anonymous #

    What a nice New Year’s reminder! The best to you in 2018! Love to you and your family. Laura E.

    December 29, 2017
    • Happy New Year Laura! All the best and to a year filled with love and joy!

      December 29, 2017

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