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Empty and Fill

“Thou must be emptied of that wherewith thou art full, that thou mayest be filled with that whereof thou art empty.” – Saint Augustine

Empty the vessel to create space for new narratives, abundance and delight in the ordinary. Empty and fill.

Each day, we need to get out of our own mind to enter new worlds of books, of nature, of quiet, of thoughts that recreate our mind. When we continue to grind, going through the motions expecting different results, we run dry and unfilled. It is in wrestling in unknowing and letting go of our own answers, we discover an immense world beyond our own experience. Allow imagination and innate creativity to enter and wander with them each day.

Daily habits, plans and rituals are important to keep us on task and doing things. But in order to be drawn into meaningful things that last and add value, we must carve time to restore, replenish and feed our mind, body and spirit.

Daily journaling, reading, running and wandering into the woods pull me out of my limiting thoughts, assumptions and keeping score. It is in these activities that I am moved to deeper work, to pursuit of purpose, to richness of meaning.

Be diligent in both emptying the vessel and filling it with the things that give you peace, joy and contentment.

Empty and fill.

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