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Tranquility of Order

“When silence takes possession of you; when far from the racket of the human highway the sacred fire flames up in the stillness; when peace, which is the tranquility of order, puts order in your thoughts, feelings, and investigations, you are in the supreme disposition for learning; you can bring your materials together; you can create; you are definitely at your working point; it is not the moment to dwell on wretched trifles, to half live while time runs by, and to sell heaven for nothings.”― Antonin Sertillanges, The Intellectual Life: Its Spirit, Conditions, Methods

As the rain dances on the roof, I am reminded of the R.A.I.N. mindfulness method:

Recognize with curious attention, identify thoughts;
Accept/Acknowledge and simple allow it to be, soften;
Investigate emotions, thoughts and beliefs – question, inquiry brings clarity, depth and dimension;
Nurture/non-identify with your feelings and be kind to yourself. When we are kind within, we more naturally offer it to others.

Weave quiet, inquiry, ease, stillness into each day to grow, appreciate, and learn. Move beyond the rollercoaster of feelings into the steadiness of being. Invite expansion, compassion, kindness, grace, light and gratitude.

Life happens a day at a time. Seize each one.

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