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“Mysterious Journey – When a path opens before us that leads we know not where, don’t be afraid to follow it. Our lives are meant to be mysterious journeys, unfolding one step at a time. Often we follow a path worn smooth by many and in doing so we lose our authenticity, our individuality, our own unique expression. Do not be afraid to lose your way. Out of chaos, clarity will eventually arise. Out of not knowing, something new and unknown will ultimately come. Do not order things too swiftly. Wait and the miracle will appear.” – Ann Mortifee, In Love with the Mystery

Invite others to the party in your head. Joy, wonder, unknowing, hope, anticipation, adventure, delight, curiosity, inquiry, possibility, mystery, color, depth, quiet, boldness, enthusiasm, contemplation, generosity, gratitude, grace, trust, faith and light.

When you expand the guest list, there’s less room for fear, unforgiveness, judgment, condemnation, the need to be right, fake security in certainty, narrowmindedness, offense, conspiracy theories, the past which already had its turn, blind spots that have become blindness.

Your new guests are fun, reckless, generous, push you to expand rather than contract and widen the path to reconnect your head to your heart, to intuition, to your center, to renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Keep the path clear, wide and smooth from your head to your heart. Travel it often. Welcome yourself home.

“The moment you separated from your heart, the moment you closed, quieted, pushed away, turned from, disowned, lost sight of goodness, the exact moment you began to splinter from love, a part of you began doing everything in its power to bring you back.

Just as a mother who has lost her child will never tire of standing at the ocean’s edge calling out her beloved’s name, sending prayers for survival, blessings in bottles out to the sea, your heart, began to do the same once you set adrift. You are never lost, dear one, for the moment you divided, your heart began doing everything in its power to bring you home. – A Letter from the Universe” – Sarah Blondin, Heart Minded, How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love


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