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Unconditional Gratitude

“Imagination must constantly run on a new track or it becomes lifeless. A living imagination is essential to prayer.”― Calvin Miller, The Table of Inwardness

“The Blessing – The end of desire awakens the blessing. We see life as perfect with all its joys and challenges. We become capable of penetrating its secrets. We find that what was hidden becomes revealed. What was unfathomable becomes simple and direct. This is the blessing that can only be known through unconditional gratitude.” – Ann Mortifee, In Love with the Mystery

May you see the blessing in this day

Awaken to the essence of being

Aware of the quiet transformation of becoming

Find the oasis in the desert of your thoughts

Let your imagination run wild

And be resurrected in every moment

“The Eternal Essence of Being – We are a becoming. There is no shore to which we must journey. There is no place to which we must arrive. We are an ever-evolving phenomenon, changing, spiraling, transforming. Consciousness is not a place to which we are going. It is the very substance, the essence of all we are. Our body, mind, emotion and soul are fluctuations of awareness within an endless vibration. We are sparks of intelligence at play. To be resurrected in every moment of every day is to grasp the perpetual nature of becoming and the eternal essence of being.” – Ann Mortifee, In Love with the Mystery

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