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The Current

“Wherever you are in life, be careful not to get swept into the current of noise. It will carry you to places not chosen by you. With each step you take, be sure to feel the earth underneath the soles of your feet and keep your focus fixed on your heart space; this will help to keep you grounded in the peaceful rhythm of true nature.” – Sarah Blondin, Heart Minded, How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love

Beneath the wind and waves is a current, a steady flow. Spend some time there each day. Seek the depth, embrace the mystery and be present and aware of what’s most important, what’s lasting. Every encounter has the gift of growth and fruition. Choose where you will put your energy today.

“When you view your life symbolically, as a spiritual journey, it allows you to examine more objectively your actions as well as your decisions not to act. You can attempt to draw a lesson from every encounter and experience.” – Caroline Myss, Invisible Acts of Power

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