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Fertile Ground

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” – Wilma Rudolph

While the pandemic is “mostly” over in the United States, the remnants of being locked down for 15 months remains, lingers and hovers. It was a collective and individual substantial change, a tipping point. While no one asked for it, we can do something with it. Invite clarity and discernment in to reshape the story.

Each individual chooses what to do with the change – fight it (futile effort) or find fertile ground for new growth (best option for joyful living). Acknowledge the struggle and difficulty, but don’t get stuck there for too long. The residue becomes heavy, slows the journey, hides the joy. Keep moving, listening, exploring, believing, trying, looking, releasing, trusting and giving. Move from exhausted to exhilarated as you create fresh meaning through acceptance, anchored in possibility of fertile ground beneath your feet right now.

Accepting Change by Sarah Blondin

“What you once knew changes shape and flies away.  You watch as your world morphs in front of your eyes.  You try to run after the fragments of what once was, grasping onto the pieces as if they’re your world and the very things that define you.  You shake in fear as the ground beneath your feet cracks and opens.  A canyon so deep you can feel a cold air coming up from its depths.

There you stand, looking around desperately for a glimpse of the reality you once knew.  Silence….sits all around you.  It calls for you to hang your tired feet at the canyon’s edge and feel the air of new life rising from its darkness.

The stillness sweetly whispers in your ear, gently urging you to step out of your wild mind and see the fertile ground you are standing on.  It hopes you will begin to see the beauty in this unfamiliar place.  Often new life can catch us off guard.  It comes like a gust of strong wind and blows away the ideas and structures we have worked so hard at building.  Sitting in the rubble, we tend to forget the part of us that had been crying out for this very thing.  We wish we could take back our secret prayers and scramble to put back the pieces of the comfortable existence we once had.

When faced with great change, we must trust what comes budding forth.  We must quickly release our grasp on the old and familiar in order to plant our new garden.  Resisting change is futile.  The longer we fight our current and therefore only reality, the longer we remain in limbo, trapped somewhere between the past and the future, far from the present.

All change has been called forth from our soul.  Our lesson is to learn to honor the knowledge of our divine being.  Know that there is no need to fear this new world.  Only a child-like sense of awe and exploration.  Remember, we cannot see the gift in what we resist.  Those moments when we’re sitting in what feels like a cavern of despair, realize you have been given time and space to realign with all you desire for your life.  You can choose to see the cavern as terrifying, unknown darkness, or you can choose to pour sweet honey into its cracks.

When you are in a place where there feels to be a black hole staring you in the face, stop in front of it.  Look not into its abyss with fear, but with creativity and a renewed outlook for your life.  This is a moment where you become the creator.  Where you become responsible for what appears.  Where you become the giver of life.  Align with the source within you that knows of your magnificence and all that you are worthy of.  Now is the time to create in the name of all you long for.

Don’t hold back, Dear One.  Don’t stop yourself from creating the most vivid and wildly beautiful existence you can imagine.  In the face of change, sit there…and pour so much beauty you can barely breathe.  Until tears of joy wet your eyes,  your dreams, the smell of the air, your infectious heart, your pure intent…feed it with more love than you have ever experienced before.

For we are all given a powerful choice when change comes and transforms our landscape.  Choose to live joyfully in your abundance, in this place that will not always be yours, before the tides change again.  Befriend curiosity and explore what you very much had a part in creating.

Close your eyes….breathe deep…and full.  Feel the pleasure in the simple act of your breathing.  You have been reborn.  And given a new experience.  Lay here now and let it spill into you.  The walls now down.  Let it become the beauty and newness you have been crying out for.  Your calls have been answered Dear One.

With your breath as your companion, walk into the places you fear.  See that with each step you take into the darkness you bring light.  Begin to enjoy each step of discovery.  Allow your heart to fill with hope as you begin to open to all you once feared.

Now let your breath open all the tight corners within you.  Take a moment to say I love you to the darkness all around you.  Feel its mystery longing for your love and curiosity, and know that you have called it forth.  Know that your deepest self has been longing to meet this place, and is ready to dance with a new reality…of more of what you love.

Feel how supported you are.  See this new life and unknown as a divine acknowledgement that you are on the right path.  For the more new lines you explore the more you grow in the direction of your heart.  For the more you embrace these new eruptions of life before you, the more you trust to fearlessly create your dreams.

Know that you are loved.  Take this moment to choose more love, more light, more of everything that makes your heart sing.  When in doubt, fill to your very ends with breath, for it will open doorways, pathways and blocked roads and reconnect you with the current that runs through all life.   One divine, fluid frequency.

When life changes, when something falls away, remember you are the writer of your story.  The new landscape surrounding you is giving you the space to grow what you choose.  Don’t look back.  You are hear now in this moment to birth your new dreams.  Float open and expand into the newness you carved out.  A newness you have asked for.  The newness you desire.”

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