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Sweet Fruition

“What is a berry? It is an ovary swaddled within a sugary womb. Plainly put, a berry is the fruition of a flower – the ultimate tautology.” – Hope Jahren

“’Who do you think you are?’ That’s the big one, isn’t it? A flourishing life depends on how you answer that.” – Robert Fulghum

Who do you think you are? Asking and answering again and again through this journey. Knowing what anchors and what releases at the same time and at different stages. What should be let go and what should be embraced. Living beyond and above mere existence. Transcendence and transformation from ordinary days strung together with threads of gratitude, awareness, struggle, delight and joy.

We are never done becoming. Don’t stop at the forks in the road. Choose a path and keep moving. If necessary, turn around to choose a new road. Looking back only to mark progress and remember the lessons, releasing the pain. There’s plenty to work with in the now so no need to loop back and circle the same mountain.

Live in the present, not in memory. The terrain is flat, rocky, downhill and uphill – all of it. It’s what makes up the richness of the adventure, if you choose to make it one rather than a chore, a transaction. See the connections, patterns, light, dark, smooth, colors, edges and shapes. Punctuate! and persist. You have fruition work to do. Flourish until your last breath.

“We can hold back neither the coming of the flowers nor the downward rush of the stream; sooner or later, everything comes to its fruition.” – Li Ching-Yuen

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