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Intention, Attention, Effort

“Nothing happens next. This is it.” – Gahan Wilson

“Make the most of every sense; glory in all of the pleasures and beauty which the world reveals to you…” – Helen Keller

In the quiet of morning, set your intentions for the day;
Focus your attention;
Guide your efforts to be present and awake, on watch and in search of wonder;
Think about what you are thinking about;
Break patterns that do not serve, that bind, that constrict;
Take the wheel from spiraling thoughts, busy work, checkbox lists and start driving;
Use all of your senses to immerse into the day, a moment at a time;
Pull over throughout the day, create still points to gauge your presence, fill your reservoir;
Take a walk, observe, nature always heals, centers and resets;
Re-enter the world renewed;
Contribute, be generous, smile, laugh, lighten up;
Be in reverence and awe, delight in ease and flow;
At the end of the day, mark what you learned, what you taught, what you are grateful for;
Lay it down, rest well and enter tomorrow when the sun rises on that day;
Intention. Attention. Effort.
Start again, each day.

“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” – Henry David Thoreau

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