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27 Days

“The word advent means ‘expectation’. What advent can do for us is create a sense of hope.” – Louie Giglio

“Into this world, this demented inn in which there is absolutely no room for him at all, Christ comes uninvited.” – Thomas Merton.

Today marks the first day of Advent. The season of waiting, anticipation, hope. Amidst two years of an ongoing pandemic, politicization and polarization, allow this season to do its work in you, in all of us.

Author and historian Kate Bowler is offering a free 4-Week Advent Devotional – the season of almost. Daily readings to ignite color in winter, instill hope in the weariness of an ongoing pandemic and prompt reflection to give deeper meaning beyond the season.

I noticed a sign in my neighbor’s yard yesterday “Never Give Up.” Amen. We all need that simple and profound reminder to keep going and of our resilience and strength, hidden beneath frustration and disappointment. While this collective journey has been long, we will get through it, changed to be sure. And in the midst of the waiting, we need no permission nor approval to invite joy, peace and light in to make the journey holy and sacred.

“The season of Advent means there is something on the horizon the likes of which we have never seen before. So stay. Sit. Linger. Tarry. Ponder. Wait. Behold. Wonder. There will be time enough for running.” – Jan Richardson

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