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Final Steps to the Finish Line

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

A week from today is Christmas Eve. The hustle and hurry to get the last gifts, preparing for gatherings, wrapping up work for the year, rushing to the finish line. Don’t let these last steps get lost in the chaos, missing the gifts of Advent waiting, reflection, beauty and transformation.

Our lives are more than headlines. Get into the sentence structure of your story. The beginning, middle and end, noticing how the narrative weaves together. In the nouns, verbs, prepositions. In the commas, semicolons and periods. In the paragraphs breaks, transitions and in the final paragraph that sums it all up to create meaning and foster growth.

Dwell in the full Christmas season and story. Still, calm, quiet. Oh, Holy Night and all the days that lead there. Find your sacred space in it all.

a blessing for a chaotic season by Kate Bowler

“blessed are we, the fearful. though we long to be people of peace, we can’t lie

we are afraid.

afraid there wont’ be enough – enough resources, enough time, enough memories.

blessed are we who ask You for wisdom, show us what to turn from, what to set aside.

come Lord, that we might see you, move with You, keep pace with You.

blessed are we who ask that this Advent we might dwell together quietly in our homes.

come Lord, that we might be for others the peace they cannot give.

blessed are we who look to You and say God, truly, we are troubled and afraid. come govern our hearts and calm our fears.

Oh Prince of Peace, still our restless selves, calm our anxious hearts, quiet our busy minds.”


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