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“It is written on the arched sky; it looks out from every star. It is the poetry of Nature; it is that which uplifts the spirit within us.” – John Ruskin

“Contemplation is waiting patiently for the gaps to be filled in, and it does not insist on quick closure or easy answers”— J. Patrick Boland and Richard Rohr, Every Thing Is Sacred: 40 Practices and Reflections on the Universal Christ

Open space to wander, explore, inquire.
A slowness to go beneath the surface, above the noise.
Allowing and inviting mystery and unknowing.
Taking a recess from to dos and mindless activities to fill time to feel the weight and gravity of now.
Beauty, light, color, hues, detail, shapes, texture, clearing the residue of busy into the richness of reflection and renewal.
To resuscitate delight, awe, wonder, joy, gratitude, abundance, awareness, equanimity, discovery, praise.
All senses firing to see what is hidden in plain sight.

“How much greater is the God we have than the one we think we have.”― Gregory Boyle, Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion

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