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“keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve.”― Howard Thurman

“Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels.” – Bertolt Brecht

From winter solstice to now, light is lingering longer.
Now seen, felt, noticed.
Sunset in December: 4:39 pm.
Sunset today: 5:22 pm.
Slow start – four minutes total between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Steady increase – after New Year’s, exponential jump to two minute per day.
Growth zone – gaining three minutes per day by February 20.

Light, always there, returning in its own time, awaiting our attention.
Our noticing.
Beauty, color, joy woven throughout each day.
Our noticing.
In slivers, slices, thin spaces, overflowing and abundant with wonder and awe.
Our noticing.
Threads to fabric to cloth to tapestry, pieces to patterns.
Our noticing.

Hone your senses, your noticing skills.
Pull back, zoom in.
Savor, delight, steep.
A shift, a tilt, a different angle.
Seeing the same in a new way.
In the pause, in the lingering, in the noticing.
Moments of high resolve.

“Silence is the eloquence of the wise.”― Augusto Branco

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