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Thick Days

Some days are thicker than others – I’ve had a turkey this week – three in a row. Great if I was bowling. It really doesn’t matter “why” or “what” but more important is the “how” we go through these days. With grace or complaint. All of us have them – remember that. No one, no one, no one does not go through “thick days.” We all do. And having that awareness and looking for the cues can allow us to help others through them.

The thread that has gone through this past week has been the fragility of people. This week, my “challenges” pale in comparison to the challenges of others around me. Take time to figure out how you can lighten other peoples’ load that they carry, often silently. Be a gift to others. And when you’re days are thicker than you can handle, accept the gift others offer with open arms.

Some days we float and others days it feels like we are running through wet cement hip deep. Go through it all to get to the other side. Finding the short cut or going around only gets us back to the same place time and again. Go through, help others through and get to the other side – often referred to as “growth.”

We don’t stop growing after childhood. It’s a life long adventure that unfolds before us. Dare to plow through the “thick” moments and always, always, always remember to pull others with you.

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  1. Great post. “With grace or complaint” really is at the heart of the choice we make each day, especially on the “thick days.” And it’s that choice that determines whether our lives are full of adventure and growth and joy or empty of all of these.

    February 8, 2012

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