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Bob and Weave

Like a boxer in the ring, we bob and weave through our days, fists up to protect a hook to the chops, a jab to the ribs. On the defense to protect ourselves from a cheap shot.

Business, politics and the media thrive on the negative, the downside, survival and “winning” by demolishing the opponent. Competition that challenges and improves our skills has become mean-spirited, unreasonable and hollow. Ideas and healthy debate to create better solutions to make our world better have turned into polar left and right, I’m right and you’re wrong. Cynicism is in fashion.

And in the midst of it all, hope and light remain. Perhaps quiet at times, but strong and present as ever. Lately, we’ve had coworkers’ babies, kids, puppies and dogs stopping in the office. A young father tenderly holding his first child. A mom with two confident little ones walking in the office like they own the world with their best friend as their driver. A puppy cuddled and the tone of our voices get higher and animated. And as we gather to witness and be a part of it, we become softer, tapping into our hidden reservoir of joy and delight. We wake up.

We are transformed by connection, conversation, time with family and friends. Reminding us to reaching out instead of retreat. Less bobbing and weaving. More light and life.

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  1. When we focus on the hope and light, we are able to create more of it to share with others. This is a perfect message as we enter the holiday season. Thank you for sharing and best wishes for many more moments of joy and delight 😉

    November 27, 2013
  2. “…tapping into our hidden reservoir of joy and delight. We wake up.” Yes and isn’t it about time we challenged the assertion of the cynic and the pessimist that they are the ‘realists’? A beautiful post. Thanks, Kathie.

    November 27, 2013
    • Thank you. Optimists unite! Happy Thanksgiving. Plenty to be thankful for.


      November 27, 2013

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