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An Unplanned Day

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” – Helen Keller

My plans for the day fell through so I actually stayed home and dug into the “when I have time” projects. Facing the pile to file, organizing and discarding clutter. Projects that we delay but once started and completed offer a certain satisfaction. And in the act of decluttering our surroundings, we declutter our minds. We’re good starters and multitaskers at the expense of finishing and focusing. There’s value in finishing and not starting the next thing until we finish, in going deeper instead of wider.

We move so quickly between one thing and the next, not fully appreciating and experiencing the fullness of what is right before us. When we allow for pondering and planting, we harvest joy and gratitude. Plan for some unplanned time and let the tasks and gifts of the day unfold.

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  1. It’s nice to dig through the piles from time to time. Sometimes I just throw every thing in the round file and I find that nothing is missed. It’s always a bold move to save myself from tedious. It’s all so satisfying when things are filed……like clean windows.

    November 2, 2014
  2. Unclutter around us … unclutter within us 🙂

    November 2, 2014
    • Absolutely – very freeing. It’s amazing what accumulates inside and out if we aren’t paying attention.

      November 2, 2014

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