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“Delight, plumps and widens our joy. She lives in all of us. She’s a precious gift to the soul that connects us back to God as our original playmate. She tickles our frozen places and frees us to laughter, exuberance, simplicity, and spontaneous moments that extract the essence of the True Self from deep inside.” – Sue Monk Kidd, When the Heart Waits

That yearning deep inside is the self that we have resigned ourselves to accept through others expectations, our own disappointments, unanswered whys and unexpected paths trying to align with our True Self, the one we are called to become, sooner rather than later. And instead of prying it out or worse yet ignoring it, we can gently release our True Self through simple delight in each day.

Our days are meant to be so much deeper, lighter, and expansive than we allow ourselves to expect or imagine. We get distracted and frozen with indecision and excuses to remain for at least it’s predictable and seemingly safe. Yet the yearning continues, not to be quieted until alignment is achieved.

Take the first step into the water and discover the ocean. Move and flow with your own current, not others. Love first and be loved. Go last and be first. Wait and grow. And amidst all of the chaos, with certain clarity and a trusting heart, invite your True Self out to play.

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