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The Hunter

“Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.” – Jimmy Buffett

At times we get stuck in the rut of our thoughts and circumstances. We wait for something to move us when we need to hunt up joy and light to get a new perspective, to get unstuck.

From the excitement of a squirrel pouncing from tree to tree to the delight of a leaf blowing down the path, Lily understands the bounty found in curiosity and attention to the very moment she’s in. Fully present with ears perked up and bounce in her step, she does not wait for adventure, she pursues it.

My happy little hunter emerges herself deep in the present, senses fully engaged in new sights, sounds and smells. She’s discovered that all that we need is close at hand ready to be captured by our hunting spirit.

“My aim in life isn't so much the pursuit of happiness as the happiness of pursuit.” – Charles Saatchi

“My aim in life isn’t so much the pursuit of happiness as the happiness of pursuit.” – Charles Saatchi


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  1. Lovely post!


    April 11, 2015
  2. Ahh Lily has a big smile on her face!! Great hunting Lily! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    April 12, 2015
    • She’s one happy girl and she spreads it too – casting light. Thanks.

      April 12, 2015
  3. Reblogged this on blondiesBEARista and commented:
    Sweet Lily’s hunting spirit! Lovely doggy smiles to brighten anyone’s day! Thank you Lily!!

    April 12, 2015
    • Thanks for the reblog and casting light.

      April 12, 2015
      • Your awesome!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

        April 12, 2015
      • Have a fantastic day 😃

        April 12, 2015
  4. I have learned everything from the dogs in my life.

    April 12, 2015
    • They are wonderful teachers and models. Cast light. Thanks

      April 12, 2015
  5. Like my Ellie was, your Lili is a great teacher!

    April 12, 2015

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