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The Waves

“Life is not a lily pond; life is a bay inside the ocean. Peace is what comes to us after we negotiate the roiling, pounding waves of life lived one surge at a time. The waves of life break into the center of our languor to remind us that the quality of our lives is not simply given to us, it needs to be earned.

Life doesn’t come cut to size; it requires shaping. Life is the way we deal with it as well as the way we look at it. It is time to adjust, to cope, to grow again beyond our old stale selves. We cannot simply float through life forever.” – Joan Chittister, Between the Dark and the Daylight

If we fight the waves, they take us under. Ride the waves, preparing for the next, getting stronger as we move through. Ride and make some waves today.

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  1. Good advice… hard to follow… however, we should all try… 🙂

    June 9, 2015

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