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In a number of halting moments recently, I am reminded yet again of the importance of defining who and what we let in. The theme of the week, month, year is “do more, faster.” But no matter how fast and far we run, it will never be enough. The spectators and critics will want more, more and more.

When we run our own race, dance our own dance, defining what we give ourselves to, we discover what we already know deep down – we are more than enough. When we show up, fully participate, give and be our best, the critic is silenced.

Discouragement is easy to be found, felt and shared to be sure. But we are called to a deeper, more meaningful life each day, beyond the obvious and below the surface. When we define who we are rather than letting others do so, we live out our potential, unfolding to our calling.

Define your day, define your life. And along the way, be kind.

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    March 28, 2016

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