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Ask, Listen, Ask Again

“Standing as a witness in all things means all things – big things, little things, in all conversations, in jokes, in games played and books read and music listened to, in causes supported, in service rendered, in clothes worn, in friends made.” – Margaret D. Nadauld

In loss, we vividly see the gain, the depth, the abundance of what was AND what IS right now. Big events, milestones – birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals – make us stop to witness and celebrate our individual lives together, in community.

If we are present daily, aware and alive in the moments that create memories, weaving the fabric of our lives a stitch at a time, we can witness and celebrate each and every day as well.

Don’t speed through this day, planning for the next milestone, missing the moments, the substance of life. Put your phone down, have an in person conversation, look at someone, anyone, everyone in the eye with rapt attention. Learn something new about the world, your neighbor, your family, yourself. Go deeper, gaze longer, notice all that is contained and offered in this very day.

We are called to witness and participate in not only our own life but others as well. Ask, listen, ask again.

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