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Wag More, Bark Less

No better way to start a Monday after a long holiday weekend than with sage bumper sticker advice – “Wag more, bark less.” Pretty much sums it up. The road to a happier life is noticing and celebrating simple moments, every day. The gifts of being present daily are available to all of us. So unwrap the gifts and start wagging that tail.

Barking leads to more barking and diminishing joy. Let go of judgment, complaining, cynicism, assumptions and the stories that we tell ourselves about scarcity. Abundance comes from wagging, not barking.

Wag a lot more and bark a lot less. Then every day, even Mondays, become Fridays.

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  1. Yes!! As a reminder to folks, this message needs to be on plasterer on billboards everywhere! Perfect timing for me… I am on a personal “stay present” challenge. It is work but worthy of every moment.

    November 28, 2017
    • Love the stay present challenge! Thanks for an awesome idea.

      November 28, 2017
      • You’re welcome!

        November 28, 2017

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