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There is certainty. Don’t let all of the commercials and media distort your perspective. There is certainty, principles and truth that anchor and center us through all of the storms in our life, including this right now.

Here’s my list of certainty that’s becoming more clear and vivid through the “uncertainty” of this time.

Family, friends, faith, connection, love, generosity, empathy, grace, mercy, holding hands, gazing into eyes, ease, creativity, solitude, silence, joy.

It’s going to be alright and we will break through to the other side, to security, to awareness, to transformation, to new life. There is more certainty than uncertainty, despite what the commercials say. We are anchored in truth, light, God, faith, friendships, family and connection.

No pandemic will defeat the human spirit. Rise up, connect, laugh, love and lighten up during this heavy season. There is no room or necessity for doom and gloom. We are overcomers, strong, resilient and faithful warriors. Cling to truth and let the storms pass. We’ve got this people! Rise up, let go and enter this holy, sacred space. We are being held and loved through this. Rest in it and believe. One real raw Lent. Easter is coming. Resurrection time! Certainty over uncertainty and fear. Every. Single. Time. Three round knock out. Keep swinging.

These are extraordinary times AND we are extraordinary souls. Dig in and reach out.

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  1. thank you, we are!

    April 4, 2020

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