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Settle Deep Enough

“It is such a struggle – has always been – for each of us to settle deep enough into the wait, into the weight till we discover that there’s nowhere to go. Perhaps the greatest challenge, once fully awake, is to drop all reaching and simply open like a clam waiting in the deep until life in all its guises floods through the half-closed center that is us.

Then God enters like a brilliant stone falling in a lake, and the past ripples behind us, and the future ripples before us, and we are breathing in eternity.” – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

When doing comes up short again and again and mere being takes its place, settle deep enough into the waiting, uncover meaning, connection and repose.

If we have learned but one thing, it is the value of a day. Don’t let another day go by without weaving joy, laughter and awe throughout. Breath in eternity.

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