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Confounded and Overwhelmed

“You don’t get to new places by following established tracks.”― Carlo Rovelli, Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Elusive Structure of the Universe and the Journey to Quantum Gravity

“Here, on the edge of what we know, in contact with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and beauty of the world. And it’s breathtaking.”― Carlo Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

May you be confounded by beauty.
Overwhelmed with joy.
Planted on the soft earth.
Touching the clouds.
Gazing at the sun.
Cutting fresh tracks into becoming, unfolding and awe.
Spellbound in the unknown and mystery.
Do not skip to the end, nor take the shortcut.
Embrace the journey, detours, delays, getting lost, arriving, all of it while in it.
May you hold and be held by hope, peace, grace.

“We understand the world in its becoming, not in its being.”― Carlo Rovelli, L’ordine del tempo

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