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Deep Breath, Repeat

“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.”― Henry David Thoreau

“You were not just born to center your entire existence on work and labor. You were born to heal, to grow, to be of service to yourself and community, to practice, to experiment, to create, to have space, to dream, and to connect.”― Tricia Hersey, Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto

You need not travel a thousand miles.
Nor attain more speed.
A slowing, a pause.
Deep breath, repeat.
In this space and place, a journey within.
Unplug, unwind, undo.
Rest, restore, reimagine.
Let quiet, reflection, observation do their work in you each day.
From doing to being.
Sit here a while.
With love and reverence.
Holy, fertile ground.

“Treating each other and ourselves with care isn’t a luxury, but an absolute necessity if we’re going to thrive. Resting isn’t an afterthought, but a basic part of being human.”― Tricia Hersey, Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto

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