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This Journey

“The resurrection tells us it is never too late. Every so often we will be surprised. We must believe that the stone will be rolled back, and we must be ready to poke out our timid heads, take off the linen bindings of death, and walk free for a time, breathing resurrection air.”― Ronald Rolheiser, Prayer: Our Deepest Longing

“Just when we were beginning to enjoy the play, the stagehands came out and dismantled the manger. From its wood, they built a cross. What kind of a drama is this anyway?”— Ann Weems, Kneeling in Jerusalem

40 days.
Desert time.
It feels like the past three years have been a chronic desert.
This one is different.
This one completes, finishes, transforms.
From temporal to eternal.
Journey to reflection, forgiveness, wholeness.
Grace, clarity, light.
Take up rather than give up.
Keep going through.
No short cuts or bypasses.
Winter to spring.
Breathing resurrection air.
In due time.
Take this journey.
From Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

“Ash Wednesday and we are on our way to Your Way. O Lamb of God, have mercy upon us and keep us from all the smallness of our lives that would take precedence over kneeling in Jerusalem.”— Ann Weems, Kneeling in Jerusalem

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