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“The lesson, so simple yet so difficult, is that life can be savored even though it contains hardship, disappointment, loss, and even brutality. The choice to see its beauty is available to us at every moment.”― David von Drehle, The Book of Charlie

“Let it go and Hold on! In the way of so many great philosophies, those apparent opposites prove to be two sides of the same coin. To hold securely to the well-formed purposes of your own will, you must let go of the vain idea that you can control people or events or the tides of fate. You can’t change what was, nor entirely control what will be. But you can choose who you are and what you stand for and what you will try to accomplish.”― David von Drehle, The Book of Charlie

Let go.
Hold on.
Pause to take in the view.
Then take the next step.
Being and doing.
Room for both.
Glance back only for a moment.
Then proceed.
Moving forward with what is necessary.
The dance of change, growth, transformation.
The classroom of life.
The art of living well.

“Charlie made an art of living. He understood, as great artists do, that every life is a mixture of comedy and tragedy, joy and sorrow, daring and fear. We choose the tenor of our lives from those clashing notes. Even when Charlie’s strength was fading, when the golf course had become an obstacle course, when the infirmity of encroaching time could no longer be denied, he chose to turn his wedge into a walking stick and to carry it with panache.”― David von Drehle, The Book of Charlie

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